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The Fast Set Acrylic System:

Designed for speed

Soft polymers for flexibility 
while working

Self leveling

Low odor

No crystallizing, no yellowing

No bubbling

Fast Sculpting Method


The Kym Lee Acrylic System:  

Small molecular structure for greater retention

 Self-leveling without running for optimum  control

 Filing reduced by 50%

 No crystallizing, no yellowing
 No bubbling

 Moderate Sculpting Method


You are a consummate Professional. You give your clients the finest service. You want to use the best in professional salon nail products and supplies you can find. The foundation of Galaxy Nail Products was created and designed by Kym Lee with two unrivaled and outstanding nail care products to fit every Nail Professional's need. The
Fast Set Acrylic System and The Kym Lee Acrylic System, 2 exceptional product lines! The Fast Set Acrylic System has a quick acrylic sculpting method while The Kym Lee Acrylic System allows for a moderate setting time, yet start to finish time is the same for both.

Both systems come in Pink, White, White Lightning, Natural, and Clear powders.  The sizes for the powders range from 2 oz to 16 oz.  The sizes for the liquids range from 4 oz to 32 oz.

The Fast Set Acrylic System is for those Nail Professionals that prefer to use their product wet, put it in place and move on. Created in 1989, The Fast Set Acrylic System took the industry by storm. Its non yellowing formula with no crystallization even in very cold weather. Makes it the perfect product for any climate.

You are in the business of meeting your client's highest expectations. The Kym Lee Acrylic System is made to meet yours. The Kym Lee Acrylic System is designed for you, the Nail Professional. The Kym Lee Acrylic System's technology gives you the performance and control that you need. With superior adhesion, non-yellowing formula, flexibility and no crystallization, even in very cold climates. The Kym Lee Acrylic System's liquid and powder gives you the first class results that match your skills. 

Both systems are manufactured to uncompromising quality standards. Depending on your preference as a Nail Professional, simply choose the system that best suits your acrylic sculpting style. Galaxy Nail Products will keep your clients smiling for weeks!  Questions 800.229.6245


Fast Set Liquids                                        Kym Lee Liquids                           

$17.25  4 oz Fast Set Liquid                       $18.00  4 oz Kym Lee Liquid

$29.00  8 oz Fast Set Liquid                       $30.75  8 oz Kym Lee Liquid

$47.25  16 oz Fast Set Liquid                     $50.00  16 oz Kym Lee Liquid

$79.50  32 oz Fast Set Liquid                     $84.00  32 oz Kym Lee Liquid

Fast Set Powders                                      Kym Lee Powders

$17.25  2 oz Fast Set Powder                                $17.25  2 oz Kym Lee Powder

$26.75  4 oz Fast Set Powder                                $26.75  4 oz Kym Lee Powder

$45.00  8 oz Fast Set Powder                                $45.00 8 oz Kym Lee Powder

$78.00  16 oz Fast Set Powder                              $78.00 16 oz Kym Lee Powder

**Available in Pink, White Lightning, White, Clear & Natural Powders**

Primer for Fast Set                                    Primer for Kym Lee

$15.50 1/2 oz Primer                                   $15.50  1/2 oz Primer

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