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All Galaxy Nail Forms were created by and have Kym's "stamp of approval"!  Here is the secret to Kym's geometric, shape and perfect C-Curve formation for free form sculpting.  Designed by Kym Lee, the tabs lock together at the end to hold the C-Curve while the in-zone notch abolishes coning.  The mylar material is firm enough to hold it's shape through the whole process.  The back adhesive is strong to keep any of forms in place while you sculpt. 

CLASSIC FORMS are designed for sculpting an oval shaped free-edge. 

Price:  $5.50 100 ct

Price:  $15.50 300 ct

CUSTOM FORMS are designed for a square free edge or to solve extreme C-Curve or ski shaped nails.

Price:  $5.50 100 ct

Price:  $15.50 300 ct

2 in 1 FORMS are the best of both Classic and Custom forms.  They are a Classic form in one direction and a Custom form in the other direction. 

Price:  $15.50 200 ct

One of these, or all of these, will fit your nail clients nail plate!

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