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Scrub Brush & Dampen Dishes

Use Galaxy's Terminator Buffer to create the fine finish with no scratches left behind.  The Terminator Buffer is a fine 180 grit on 1 side and 280 grit on the other side.  The Terminator Buffer is oversized and will cover more area reduce buffering time. It will out last a block buffer 5 to 1.  Can be used with or without oil.

Price:  $38.50  12 Pack                     $3.75 Individual

Snowblock Buffer is your standard block buffer for finishing. 

Price:  $4.50  6 Pack                          $1.00 Individual

The Ultimate Shiner uses 3 different abrasives graduating down from coarse to very fine leaving the ultimate shine.  Can be used on natural and artificial nails.  Do not use with oil.  The perfect finsh for a manicure.

Price:  $4.00  Individual

Scub Brush is available for cleaning the nails before Liquid Glass.

Price:  $2.75  Individual

Dampen Dish is used for your nail liquid.  We offer 2 types as follows:

1) Ceramic Dampen Dish with a lid

Price:  $4.00  Individual

Glass Dampen Dish with a lid. 

Price:  $3.00  Individual       

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